Calling all bloggers – use to earn Bitcoin Cash for your content

Calling all bloggers — allows you to earn BCH (Bitcoin Cash) cryptocurrency donations. The platform is still in its early stages so a lot of reader engagement is geared towards blockchain technology/cryptocurrency discussion.

It is however, a platform for all types of content from fiction to editorial pieces; poetry to sharing artwork and everything in-between. You can now choose to include a paywall on your posts if you wish. You can also earn BCH by upvoting stories early. If the story reaches a certain amount of upvotes, the funds are redistributed between the early upvotes and the author. You may also choose to make your content uncensorable if you wish, utilising the power of blockchain immutability.

If you’re interested, take a look at and sign up. While I enjoy reading about blockchain news and opinions, there is still a need to diversify the range of topics discussed. Think Medium but with the option to make your content uncensorable.

I hope to see you there.

Konrad x

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