unrecognizable-woman-closing-eyes-with-headscarf-4177425love was never an abstraction
could not be laid to rest
for love was never born

but forgotten by the morn
or soured and stuffed with scorn

so don’t be shy of your inaction
do not cry for what is lost
for love is just around the corner

behind the curtain
in the dresser drawer

to be found, but not reborn


it’s just like love and light alike
to burn a hole right through my brain
induratized my heart before
and bolted bolts and shackled locks
a human chain outside my door

sad and supine, stay inside
and lay, i lay, upon the floor
afar a distant brontide’s brooding
but what is near is oh so soothing

hand in hand we’ve been out walking
in summers glade, my heart alight
and lay on beds of mushroom flowers
through autumn dusk and winter showers

inside your room, alone, together
rain gently pattering outside
steady as the stream of words
i heard you speak your weight in gold
mine could make your blood run cold

while you sit sighing all your sighs
i count the rings around your eyes
cursed all that i’ve done to upset you
deemed ever dawning day a blessing
from the day when i first met you

i’ll invite you round to beam that smile
when the lekky meter’s drained
it’s just like love, your love, your light
to burn a hole right through my brain


to sunshine tickling the flora,
the oaks and the pines
manifesting an aura,
the chills down your spine
run rapid like bobsleds,
in a race to the finish-
line up and be placed
on society’s conveyor belt
or see through the hoax,
our vision was tunneled,
our best efforts coaxed,
the focus on what’s next,
steals soul from the moment,
pilfered and pawned off
to a future that only
exists in idealist mind-flurries and fawning
at the hope one can own it.
lay still now and ponder
wonder and awe –
lay still now shapeless until the dawn,
through razor sharp bone-rattling winters –
lay still now until you feel fit to

notes from the bench

what i pine to see
is more neo-soul
fewer neo-nazis
more humanists with
arms flung open wide
embracing those in need of shelter
like my ancestral brethren
i want to see them settled in…
“your own back yard”

what i yearn to see:
a future in which
family planning
is not
a moral issue
a future
where cities
are not
swallowed by the sea

is it too much to ask to salvage
what we still have left of this?
coffin-dodgers miss the point,
you won’t be here to witness it.

good grief

no matter the muster,
to resist
the breeze
that moves the leaves
continues to blow,

no matter the bluster,
the willow
holds branches
waving to greet you,
and welcome you home

no matter the yearning,
or love
you surrender,
to summer’s night sky,
stars keep their distance

upon charcoal slate
and cosmic canvas,
a comic display
twinkles and glints,

elysium’s winking,
she already knows that
the show must go on —
with nowhere to go,

and no hurry to find
a faucet to bottle
nature’s home remedy
to soothe a bruised soul.